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How many times have you been murdered in your dreams and jerked back into reality? You knew you were dreaming, but had no control over it. The brakes on your car don’t work, your teeth are falling out, or you forgot to put on pants when going to school.

Chances are you’ve lucid dreamt at least once. The movie Inception distills this activity in a fantastic few hours, and it’s incredibly fascinating to know how much our noggins still run when we rest. With enough focus and control, you can launch yourself into flight like a bird or marry your…

Tick the boxes you don’t want to opt-in for.

A designer’s hand holding a pen, drawing wireframes of a user interface.
A designer’s hand holding a pen, drawing wireframes of a user interface.
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I’ve been caught too many times signing up for 7-day free trials, and billed thereafter with no notification for the trial ending. A large, welcoming button guides your eye to click, with tiny, low-contrast fine-print text hiding below.

Or entering a website that pops up a dialogue box for a discount, in exchange for your email. For those that refuse, a sprinkle of guilt into the copy like “No thanks, I don’t want to save money” is your only option instead of a “No thanks”.

Dark patterns in UX are cunning tactics of design that punish users that don’t read…


Your brain plays these biases when you decide.

Photo by Pickawood on Unsplash

A person with impulsive traits, working in retail, spells “disaster”. I worked a couple of years in retail sales and was that person who came home with a new purchase every week.

I opened credit cards — for those cashback offers, Amex points, and a pair of shoes were irresistible. Why, I felt much better making at least a bit of money back from my spending. Until I found myself trying to catch up on payments.

Nothing says ‘adult’ like being in debt, right?

I remember feeling horrible about having to pay off that pair of shoes 4 weeks later…

Motivation | ILLUMINATION | Editorial

Let me show you around.

I fall victim to this pattern aplenty: I work for some time with great enthusiasm, then get bored, and look for something more worthwhile to sink my teeth into. Entrapped in shiny object syndrome. My partner, otherwise coined as my leash (or rock), calls me out every time I sulk to him and want to try something new. I’m cursed with seeing the world as adventures and side-quests. It’s all there, wanting me to explore it!

What do you think of when you’re about to leap? Will you make it? What do you need to make it? What if you…


Those sleepy-time hacks don’t work on you for a reason. Here’s what I learned.

I used to work on a bakery job during high school. I would wake at 5 am and have the smell of fresh bread greet me. Doesn’t sound so bad, right…? I won’t go into how many mistakes I made because I was still trying to ‘switch on. I always thought it was an adolescent thing — feeling dread and low energy from waking up at such an ungodly hour.

But when you’re out of school, unbound to a curriculum, you get some rude awakenings (pun intended) on how you’re meant to approach your free time. …

I used to keep a bag of high-end makeup packaging in my closet. Whenever I cleaned my room out, I’d grab the bag, tip it upside down, and have a moment of appreciation for it. Feeling that matte finish on the box, the package design, the dopamine rush… I felt my money was well spent. At the time.

… Be real now, did you really think I got a dopamine rush from cleaning?

Don’t tee up an episode of Hoarders for me; I threw it all out years ago. But what was my brain doing? …

Who wants to be on their deathbed regretting what they didn’t do?

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash

You dislike reporting to someone else. You take on too much work, then find yourself in languish. But you can’t do anything risky since it’s your main source of income. There are too many that share the same sentiments.

About a month ago, I sat in my chair at work, physically present, mind adrift. Feeling overworked and undervalued, I saw a sparse future in that role. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned a lot from my colleagues and work. More importantly, I learned where I didn’t want to be.

That thought simmered in my gut for months, unconscious most of…

Is it being boxed in, or given absolutely no rules in which your creativity truly flourishes?

We don’t mind a bit of rule-breaking in the first place. But rules should be bendy. That’s just how we work. But we also must learn that creativity’s oxygen is constraint. Lucky we like experiments. After we understand the rules, we undermine the framework to create something that works better.

Some people aren’t about that, and that’s okay. The world needs a bit of both.

What would you do in a world where the only rules are that there are no rules?

Much of…

Sophia CN

BBus(Advtg). Copywriter taking gigs. Tinkerer and overthinker. Consumer behaviour and marketing powerhouse.

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